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To combat with climate change, environmental protection is a pressing issue and the focus of the government policy. To keep the competitiveness of enterprise, how to go green and cater to the trend of low carbon economy becomes an important issue. Regarding the low-carbon economy series, Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association(HKETA) holds the Green Forum which consists of talks and products sharing by professionals on energy saving.Knowledgeable speakers from institutes, industries and government will share their experience, innovative solutions and policy on energy-saving implementation in office and building, with no or low cost of investment or short payback period.
7th December
9:00am - 6:00pm
Free of charge

Targeted audience

Senior management, members of Green teams and also general staff who are interested in promoting low-carbon office and building; Students who want to equip themselves with essential concepts and know-how of low-carbon economy are welcomed to the seminar